Windows Autopilot White Glove 0x801c0003 error

I recently run into an error with Windows AutoPilot and got the 0x801c0003 error code. I reset TPM, UEFI FW and Secure Boot but that did not solve the issue so I dug into it.


  • HP EliteBook 820 G4
  • TPM 2.0
  • Windows 10 1909 (November ISO)
  • Latest UEFI FW

It turned out that the device was missing a TPM FW update and below is how I troubleshot and solved it.

I started by having a look at the Event Viewer which is accessed by:

1. Start a CMD-prompt by pressing “Shift+F10” after the Autopilot error message is received.
2. Write “EventVwr” in the CMD-prompt
3. Look at these three locations in the Event Viewer:
Microsoft-Windows-User Device Registration

In my case I got Event ID 204 and Error Code 0x801c0003 at Microsoft-Windows-User Device Registration

The event details pointed at TPM to be the error source:

As I had already reset TPM and UEFI FW the next thing to do was to gather more logs:
1. Start a CMD-prompt by pressing “Shift+F10”.
2. Write: MDMDiagnosticsTool.exe -Area Autopilot;TPM -Cab d:\ (USB-device)

I extracted the .cab-file and had a look at “CertReq_enrollaik_Output.txt”
{“Message”:”Attestation statement cannot be verified, rejecting request. TPM firmware needs update.”}


I downloaded the TPM firmware update from HP and that solved the issue.

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